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ISOLABS ISOCORE: Power, Strength and Achievement

Hand Picked High Quality Instantized Whey Protein

Athletes and Bodybuilders number one choice ISOCORE protein is a great source of real strength and ideal nutritional values. It is delicious and easy to use.

Studies have shown proteins in ISOCORE contain lactoferrin and immunoglobulin’s, which helps to increase performance and stamina for some sports, bodybuilding and other activities.Pin ItSee all 4 photos


ISOCORE proteins are Highest in Quality and purity, because they are manufactured by cross-flow filtration technologies from sweet dairy whey which makes it incredibly undenatured available protein.

Forget Food Craving, use ISOCORE Protein, it provides 27g high quality protein, 7g of essential amino acids and 4.8g of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCA) per serving which would help to enhance your state of satiety with promoting multifold muscle functions.

Ease of USE

ISOCORE is quick to disperse even in cold water, high in quality, best in purity and superior in nutrition.

Maximum Digestibility

Researchers have discovered that ISOCORE Proteins are easy and fast digestible among all other proteins because of their nature. It is now well known that ISOCORE protein has Maximum Bioavailability due to their fast digestibility and undenatured state. Bioavailability is quantitative scale to measure absorbance and utilization of proteins by our body.

Power, Strength and Performance in a Phenomenal Taste

ISOCORE is loaded with nutritive values and has phenomenal great taste to fulfill your palate satisfactions. This delicious formula will enhance the strength and power which in results helps fast recovery of muscles after a heavy exercise or other sports activities.

Our team of developers is so proud to present one of the best in its class protein formula with great taste available in today’s market.


Beyond The Standards

  • Active Weight Management: Metabolism of ISOCORE release appetite-suppressant hormones to control the appetite.
  • Great Source of Amino Acids: ISOCORE formula is a great source of essential amino acids. It has high level of Branched Chain Amino Acids which helps in biosynthesis of muscle.



  • ISOCORE promotes the growth of Lean Muscles and supply Glutathione (a tripeptide) which may deplete after heavy exercise. Proteins in ISOCORE will replenish the amount of Glutathione levels in your body which also helps to increase the immune system. 

100% Whey Fusion Potency, Muscle, Stability

High Quality Blend of Dairy Proteins.

 100% Whey Fusion provides power, stimulates protein anabolism, boost up performance and enhance post-workout muscle recovery....

An equilibrium formula provides 24g protein, 7g essential amino acids and more than 3g of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) in one serving. This is enough energy to maximize muscle growth and lean tissue mass after heavy exercise or other athletic activities.

 100% Whey Fusion is a perfect formula for anyone seeking balanced nutrition and a healthier lifestyle with increased protein supplementation which is derived entirely from cold temperature process and cross flow microfiltration.

Quick Dispersion in Cold Water and Great Taste

 100% Whey Fusion mixes easily in cold water provide mouth watering taste to reload your hungry muscles after an exhausting workout.

 100% Whey Fusion protein derived from sweet dairy whey by state of the art cross-flow filtration and agglomerization technologies to reduce fat, lactose and cholesterol to their minimum level assuring the highest quality and purity.

These modern technologies have made 100% Whey Fusion speedy dispersible into solution maintaining its nutritive integrity.

Smooth Digestion and Maximum Bioavailability

 100% Whey Fusion manufacturing process ensures the maximum bioavailability of undenatured protein which makes 100% Whey Fusion easy to digest. Bioavailability is quantitative value of protein to measure how well they are absorbed and beneficially utilized by your body.

Scientifically Advance Formula for High-Speed Muscle Recovery.

Maximum bioavailability and easy to be digested features of 100% Whey Fusion regulate and speed up smooth muscle growth process.

Essential and non-essential amino acid profile in  100% Whey Fusion provides convenience and optimal absorbance to build more lean muscles, offer more strength and accelerate muscle recovery after heavy exercise exhaustion.

100% Whey Fusion formula features quite different way of protein blend from other protein powders. For instance, 100% Whey Fusion contains proteins from whey protein Isolates and milk protein isolates further enhanced by amino matrix such as Creatine Monohydrates, L-Glutamine and BCAA.

The variety of ingredients makes 100% Whey Fusion unique formula. 


Taste and Energy Together

100% Whey Fusion has silky smooth texture, delicious taste and rich creamy mouth-feel. Hard work of world’s renowned scientists in top class labs in the United States and Canada yielded easily absorbable great tasting whey protein blend which is naturally enriched with vitamins and minerals.

 100% Whey Fusion Manufacturing Facilities

100% Whey Fusion products are made in Federally regulated and EU registered facilities under strict cGMP regulations. 100% Whey Fusion manufacturing facilities are continuously monitored by third party audit organizations for cGMP implementations.

Beyond the Standards


  • Great tasting protein with a quick dispersible in cold water.
  • Created with state of the art cross-flow filtration and agglomerization technologies.
  • Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Easily digested due to its fractionation and bioavailability.
  • Increases performance with the absorption and effectiveness of vitamins and minerals.