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Published: 19 May 2014
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ISOLABS L-Carnitine Intensity, Strength and Vital

ISOLABS L-Carnitine formula burns fat and builds muscles. It accelerates overall performance for bodybuilders and athletes. It provides extra power needed by high energy demand skeletal muscles and brain, in addition to speeding up building muscle mass providing 1200mg of L- Carnitine per serving.  If you want more energy, ISOLABS L-Carnitine formula will provide it. Your performance will move upward rapidly allowing you to train harder.

L-Carnitine is preferred by the people who perform intensive workout because of its effectiveness. It is known now that L-Carnitine improves the conditions of progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal.

ISOLABS L-Carnitine associates with body mass and water resulting in water retention without disturbing the fluid distribution.

With extra available energy, it works as a safe guard against muscle wearing and only burns fats during arduous bodybuilding or other exhausting sports activities.  

ISOLABS L-Carnitine supports significant muscular gains by providing extra energy which allows you to exercise more frequently.

Beyond the Standards

·         ISOLABS L-Carnitine helps in state of depression; it helps in getting more energy to skeletal muscles and brain.

·         ISOLABS L-Carnitine helps building Strong Mass Muscles providing extra energy; which helps performing Extra Work-out.




Note: this product is not a drug and it can’t be used as drug replacement. For all medical issues, please contact with your health practitioner.