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Published: 19 May 2014
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Strength, Stealth, Endurance

ISOLABS HMB formula is exceptionally developed for those who want to revitalize their pro-activity muscle strength and endurance in safe and effective way.

It maximizes the results of power when and where it is needed. HMB when taken in recommended dose helps maintain a healthy life style with extra supply of energy before and after exhausting exercise or other athletic activities.

HMB is a potent concentrated, pure and high quality full spectrum formula that ensures all vigorous and synergistic components in one tablet. HMB tablets help in slowing down further breakdown of muscles. HMB also helps elderly people in developing better healthy muscles.



Beyond the Standards

1         ISOLABS HMB is easy swallowed tablets, which makes it convenient and simple for use.

2         ISOLABS HMB Microcrystalline and micronized ingredients are absorbed easily by the body and decrease extra burden on your stomach.

3         ISOLABS HMB is a high quality full spectrum formula which is free of non-functional ingredients.

4         ISOLABS HMB builds muscles and delays muscle break down during heavy exercise.

5         ISOLABS HMB enhances recovery process of muscles in trained and untrained individuals during rigorous exercise.

6         ISOLABS HMB provides its benefits even during your non-exercising days.

7         ISOLABS HMB is safe for long term use among young, adults and elderly.



Note: this product is not a drug and it can’t be used as drug replacement. For all medical issues, please contact with your health practitioner.