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Published: 19 May 2014
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ISOLABS Glutamine Recover, Prevent, Sustain

ISOLABS Glutamine is a fundamental building block of protein to maintain nitrogen balance in the body.

ISOLABS Glutamine is engaged in more metabolic process than any other amino acid. It acts as energy source by converting into glucose when needed by the body. It is an essential item to make other needed amino acids and glucose.

ISOLABS Glutamine provides fuel (Nitrogen and Carbon) to many cells especially to small intestine lining cells saving them from wasting away in times of stress or after heavy exercise.

Skeletal Muscles need Glutamine Supplement when it is used by the body more quickly than it is produced by the muscles particularly after heavy exercise and in the time of stress.

ISOLABS Glutamine helps in gut function and assists in sustaining energy for prolonged exercises.


Beyond the Standards

1                     ISOLABS Glutamine high quality pure glutamine powder warranties the best results.

2                     ISOLABS Glutamine is micronized which makes it fast dispersible.

3         Helps in fast recovery from over exercise fatigue, ultimately helps in muscle growth, preserve muscle strength and prevent muscle weariness.

4         Helps improve nutrition status

5         Helps gut functions which results in overcoming peptic Ulcer






Note: this product is not a drug and it can’t be used as drug replacement. For all medical issues, please contact with your health practitioner.