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Published: 19 May 2014
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ISOLABS BCAA Brain, Muscle, Power

BCAA (essential amino acids) must be taken since human body cannot make them. ISOLABS BCCA provides an assurance to activate muscle synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown caused by physical stress, intense exercise or heavy sport activities.

ISOLABS BCAA tablets are designed to help body to burn fat, reduce fatigue, strengthen muscles, increase persistence and improve performance.

ISOLABS BCAA also provide systematic means to have a healthy brain along with healthy muscles

ISOLABS BCAA is also known to be a potent performance enhancer by increasing energy source for working muscles. BCAA increase availability of glycogen which is preferential fuel source for muscles during intensity work-out.  

Beyond the Standards

1         ISOLABS high quality pure BCAA tablets enhance muscle growth in a special metabolism by the muscles where most of other amino acids are metabolized by the liver.

2         BCAA is one third of total amino acids used by muscles to grow.

3         ISOLABS BCAA tablets are manufactured in easy to use form.

4         ISOLABS BCAA tablets help in potent performance.

5         ISOLABS BCAA is considered to improve testosterone level which results in muscle growth.

6         ISOLABS BCAA tablets help to burn fat not muscles.


Note: this product is not a drug and it can’t be used as drug replacement. For all medical issues, please contact with your health practitioner.