Power & Endurance

TurbOxide 2.0:  Instantaneous, Strength, Accomplishment

TurbOxide 2.0 is clean great tasting product and free of banned substances. TurbOxide 2.0 is the first choice energy providing formula for those who love instantaneous strength accomplishments in a short period of time.

TurbOxide 2.0 is free of harmful impurities in addition to the powerful ratios of rapid absorption free-form amino acid blend that support to achieve lean-muscular and physique bodies.

TurbOxide 2.0 mix is a complete source of nitrogen boosting ingredients which is being natural energizers improves mental and physical strength supporting fast recovery during and after exercise. Amino Acids in TurbOxide 2.0 are involved in protein synthesis that maintains a positive nitrogen balance in the body. These amino acids provide fuels and additional support for growth, recovery, repair and maintenance of lean mass muscles.

Ease of USE

TurbOxide 2.0 disperses very fast even in cold water because of its micronized nature.

Maximum Digestibility

Our developers have put together a formula which contains fast absorbing ingredients which makes it quick to be digested, fast energy releasing formula among all the similar products in the market.


Power, Strength and Performance in an exceptional Taste

TurbOxide 2.0 is stocked with more than sufficient nutritive values it also has exceptional great taste to fulfill your palate satisfactions.

Our team of developers is proud to present one of the best, rich-in-taste formulas which is unique in its class

Beyond the Standards.


  • Customized formula for Active Body Strength Management: TurbOxide 2.0 active Metabolism releases sustainable energy which has direct effect on muscle growth and repair.
  • Great Source of Anabolic Amino Acids: TurbOxide 2.0 is a great source of much needed amino acids which helps in biosynthesis of muscle.
  • Manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)