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Published: 19 May 2014
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ISOLABS Xtreme Mass Pro Size, Strength and Science

Xtreme Mass Pro provides two Essential Elements of weight gaining theories: Energy and Nutrition.

ISOLABS Innovative high calorie Xtreme Mass pro is the first choice product to boost muscle growth, increase power and enhance performance.

Forget having three LARGE meals a day to gain weight; consume Xtreme Mass Pro weight gaining formula only once a day after heavy exercise and enjoy 5-6 small meals throughout the day. It is known to develop muscles, gain weight, amplify size, and improve power faster than any conventional methods.

High Quality Balanced Formula

When it comes to gain weight, you only need two things: Calories and Nutrition. Xtreme Mass Pro formula provides these two vital and fundamental elements in abundance with quality and purity sourced from the finest available ingredients. After an extensive study and series of experiments we put together fast energy releasing whey protein, amino acids and carbohydrates mixed with dietary fats to provide essential fatty acid.


Maximum Dispersibility

Xtreme Mass Pro is extremely fast dispersible even in cold water. We used micronized ingredients which are easy to be dissolved and quick to be digested resulting in speedy supply of energy to your body.


Beyond the Standards

Size, Strength and Science together with Great Taste


Weight and muscle gain has become a science and we at ISOLABS know it better. We are proud to say that Xtreme Mass Pro is the best choice to gain weight, grow muscle, enhance performance and improve power and yet in a great taste which is rare elsewhere.